Style you can see, with performance you can feel



Exclusive designs and Technology

Hand crafted one set at a time custom limb dampeners tested and proven to outperform all other limb dampeners on the market today.  To see the many styles we have to offer see the Available styles page above. (UP TO 4 COLOR CAMO AVAILABLE)



One of the innovations Buzzkill Silencers limb dampers brings is the introduction of Camo-tex light absorbing surface texturing which not only absorbs light but also multiplies the surface area of your dampers without adding weight, thus adding to their already unsurpassed ability to reduce noise and instantly dissipate unwanted shock and vibration. This is available on all models for both compound bow and crossbow.


Multi-damp Technology

With the use of materials of different compounds we are able to combine these different compounds into one silencing unit providing the user with an unparralelled spectrum coverage to assure that your Buzzkill Silencers are silencing all frequencies from every end  the spectrum.

Unparalleled Performance, Unmatched Style.


New and innovative designs.

At Buzzkill Silencers we are constantly working on new an exciting designs for the front or the back of your custom limb dampers. All our models are fully interchangable apon request. (UP TO 4 COLOR CAMO AVAILABLE)


Solid limb models available

Ant of our models can be made to fit your solid limb bow, or crossbow... Including recurves.


Putting your bow in Ninja mode!!

With countless satisfied customers raving about the vibration damping and noise reducing qualities of Buzzkill Silencers, We are confident that we will become  one of the premiere archery dampening companies world wide. Finally a set of dampers you can really tell a difference after you put them on!!


Hunter, Target archer, We want your input

With our constantly expanding list of models, we are sure to have something to spark the interest of every archer reguardless of age or gender or archery preference. If you have an idea for a new style of art to apply, please dont hesitate to let us know and we will gladly collaborate on your custom set and create something that you can proudly say you took part in creating.


Fully customizable

We will build dampers to your exacting specifications in any style you like. 

All of our models can be mixed or matched to your specific taste.

 You can have  ANY COMBO YOU LIKE !!


New designs all the time!!

Taking the advise of our customers, we make the dampers that people want to have. 


Cross bow friendly

No matter what you shoot, Buzzkill silencers has got you covered


Color match to your rig

Send us photos of your rig and we will make your custom dampers to match putting the finishing touches on your customized gear.

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$19.99 per set. Shipping $4.49 in the U.S. . International orders contact for pricing.

  1. We acceptcredit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. 
  2. Check out the "customer pics" photo gallery on this page for a look at some of your options, and be sure to go to our"Available models" page to see all that you have to choose from.
  3. Any special requests be sure to contact me directly at or contact me through Buzzkill Silencers page on Facebook.